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Embrace The Challenge and Join Our 100-mile Swim Club

January 1 - December 31

Embark on a year-long swimming challenge to achieve 100 miles! Open to all skill levels and techniques. Recognition and prizes await those who conquer this aquatic feat.

  • Must be 16 or older to participate and a member of the Kandiyohi County Area YMCA
  • Any type of swimming stroke can be used
  • Floatation devices may be used (float belts, kick boards, etc.)
  • Record your miles on the “100 Mile Swim Club” chart
How far is a mile?
  • Length: one end of the pool to the other (25 yards)
  • Lap: down and back (50 yards)
  • 1 mile: 64 lengths or 32 laps (1,800 yards)
  • 100 miles: 7200 lengths or 3600 laps (180,000 yards)
  • Aqua Fit Class = 1 mile


$30 per person